Some frequently asked questions

Is this like psychotherapy or other treatment for a psychological condition?

No. These workshops are not a treatment for any physical or mental health condition. They are educational offerings for personal growth, and not a replacement for professional care.

While it is possible that some participants may get in touch with “negative” thoughts and feelings during the workshops, the focus of the workshop material is on having and internalizing beneficial experiences, which are typically enjoyable.

It is presumed that participants can manage their own reactions during the workshop(s) without needing personal attention from the teacher.

Will the workshops be interactive?

Yes. One of the advantages of coming in person is experiencing Rick’s teachings and presence, plus the opportunity to speak directly with Rick if you like during the breaks. Rick will also respond to individual questions during sessions. And there is of course the chance to interact and connect face-to-face with others.


How much overlap is there between the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Rick’s other offerings (e.g. workshops, books)?

There is certainly some overlap, especially conceptually. This said, the 18-hour Positive Neuroplasticity Training distills Rick’s material down to the essence of self-directed brain change in an intensive, experiential, and comprehensive deep dive – which participants will apply to their own issues and opportunities.

If you want to get good at taking in the good – and growing the good for yourself and others – then the Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the most powerful, best way we know to do this.


Will workshop materials be available?

Yes. You will receive a hard copy of the Participant Handbook on the first day of the workshop. The Handbook includes the PowerPoint slides that Rick uses, a summary of each of the six sections in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training, background information about the brain and practical psychology, checklists you can use for six weeks of taking in the good, tips for dealing with blocks, and much more.


Will the audio/video recording of the workshops be available afterwards?

The workshops are not audio/video recorded and recordings will therefore not be available after the event.


Can I attend just the Professional Course?

The Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the necessary prerequisite for the Professional Course (PC), since the PC is all about using the specific concepts, methods, and practices learned in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training in occupational settings.

If you have already taken the Positive Neuroplasticity Training (or its precursor, the Taking in the Good course), you have fulfilled this prerequisite. If this applies to you, please contact us with the details of where you completed the course to complete your registration.


I’ve taken the Foundations of Well-Being program. Does that mean I can take the Professional Course without also taking the Positive Neuroplasticity Training?

While the Foundations program, in its 4-hour Learning pillar, does cover the basics of positive neuroplasticity, the 18-hour Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the intensive, comprehensive, experiential exploration of the fundamental methods of self-directed brain change, systematically applied to building inner resources to meet our three core needs for safety, satisfaction, and connection.

The Professional Course (PC) is closely linked to the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and requires the in-depth knowledge acquired within it. Consequently, the Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the prerequisite for the Professional Course – and having already taken the Foundations of Well-Being will only deepen the experience.


Once I have completed the Professional Course, may I use some of the materials to give a small workshop or lead a support group?

Yes! You will be able to make use of some of the materials such as slides or handouts to lead groups, give workshops, or coach individual clients.


Do you offer scholarships for those in need?

We do offer a limited number of scholarships for the Positive Neuroplasticity Training. For those who cannot afford the full workshop fee, please contact the organisers directly:


...and should you have a question which has not been answered above, just send an email to

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This website is dedicated to the upcoming workshops with Rick Hanson in Ireland.

The workshops will be running from 6 - 11 June 2017 in Malahide, Co Dublin.


6-8 June 2017 Positive Neuroplasticity Training: Hardwiring Happiness into your life


6-11 June 2017 Professional Course: Practical applications for Hardwiring Happiness

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