Workshop location

The workshop will be held at


The Grand Hotel,


Co Dublin


Additional accommodation options

Discover Ireland - the Irish Tourist Board - is offering a wealth of information about the beautiful island of Ireland including accommodation


Island View Hotel


Sonas Bed and Breakfast


Castle Lodge Bed and Breakfast


White Sands Hotel Portmarnock (30-40min walk along the sea)


And of course there is also always Airbnb


Please note:

The organisers do not take any responsibility for the content of the links provided.

The above accommodations have not been visited by the organisers.


General information


A comparison website for flights is but there are also many others that you might be familiar with


Norwegian airlines recently also started low cost flights in and out of Ireland and the rest of Europe


Please also consider getting travel insurance covering any health and travel expenses! 

So much unexpected can happen and it is always best to be prepared for the worst case scenario.


About Us

This website is dedicated to the upcoming workshops with Rick Hanson in Ireland.

The workshops will be running from 6 - 11 June 2017 in Malahide, Co Dublin.


6-8 June 2017 Positive Neuroplasticity Training: Hardwiring Happiness into your life


6-11 June 2017 Professional Course: Practical applications for Hardwiring Happiness

For more information contact                                                      


Carolin Grampp                     +353-87-684 5450                         


Anne Kirwan                          +353-87-205 4524