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If you’re wondering whether you should attend this course and are reading these testimonials, I would just ask you to stop for a moment and to ask yourself, ‘What would you like more of in your work or life?’ If it is the ability to help yourself and others to build and feel a more consistent and long lasting sense of calm, satisfaction and connectedness then this course is for you!

I’m a coach and I came across Rick’s work about four years ago when I was researching how I could combine my mindfulness skills and neuroplasticity into my coaching.

I can highly recommend attending both courses. I have been fortunate enough to have been training with Rick since 2015 and have attended his workshops in Freiburg. Rick is immensely generous, sharing freely his resources, knowledge and expertise in a gentle, yet powerful way; he brings together the science and practice so easily and with such enthusiasm and fun. Since completing the training I continue to use PNT personally and with my clients and the results are transforming.

Based on my experiences, you can expect to have an inspiring and uplifting few days with Rick, working and learning with likeminded people. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow professionals from around the world who are interested in working in new and exciting ways. Since completing the training I have continued to stay connected with those that I met and am enjoying sharing our ideas and success with each other.

I can highly recommend these workshops!


Jude Ryan ICF Professional Certified Coach



If you can only take one personal and professional training a year, Rick Hanson’s is the training not to be missed! Even though I have read his books, taken his on- line course and teach his teachings to my students, the week spent with him and the community that he created was magical. If you are reading this, you know that what you think changes your brain. People have positive mental states throughout the day with out being aware that each moment during a positive mental state is an opportunity to rewire your brain for more happiness and resilience. Does it take time? Not much time! Just let it fill you up for a breath or two and voila’! If you are down in the dumps, can you install a positive mental state to change the channel? Yes! You betcha! We have more control over our happiness than ever thought possible. Rick Hanson explains the brain science and psychology, blending it with contemplative practices that you can instantly put into use in your own life and the lives of your family, clients and patients. I am a huge fan of Rick’s writing and teaching style. He is a wonderful human being.  He is generous with his time, and freely shares his slide sets and research. He has his ego in check. I hope you get to experience the PNT trainings. It was a terrific combination of intellectual stimulation, experiential exercises and fun.





Julie Potiker




Owner, Mindful Methods for Life, LLC




To consciously cultivate our own wholesome happiness and well-being is one of the most powerful skills. Rick’s Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) offers a practical approach to integrating, strengthening and deepening this skill in our daily life, providing us with the conscious choice of taking actively part in our own self-fulfilment toward more inner peace, contentment and love.

 As a whole, the training is ancient wisdom combined with modern understanding of psychological effectiveness in positive neuroplasticity and a down to earth take on human nature with its negativity bias. Using PNT enables us to consciously apply our innate and subconscious ability to learn through life experiences. This provides a practice of real self-empowerment and personal active creation of more well-being in our own lives.


The training focuses on how we can build specific inner strengths in our brain and our being bit by bit, based on conscious choosing and conscious mind-body experiencing of real facts. Thus, we are turning our subconscious innate learning-through-life-experiences into a conscious choice to enhance well-being. Through this process we are gaining more emotional and psychological autonomy.

To me, Rick is someone who really practices what he preaches. Rick’s PNT teaching connects well to my own life’s experience and psychological trainings, making its practice easy and enjoyable – for myself and also to share with others. Naturally, the personal take-aways for every single participant will be as individual as each of us and our life experiences are. However, the essence of PNT correlates with the essence of human nature, and therefore, PNT can be a source of self-empowerment and self-directed fulfillment and happiness for all walks of life.


Silke Hendriksen



Being a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and practicing mindfulness for the last ten years I found „Taking in the good“, and the Positive Neuroplasticity Training PNT with Rick Hanson profound and very enriching.

It has a clear structured path of using the latest knowledge in neurobiology, it is deeply  routed in wisdom traditions and with the HEAL approach a way of changing old inner patterns in a very therapeutical way.

So I am very happy to use this approach for my own development in practice and to apply it and teach it to patients and clients since absolving the professional training. In pragmatic steps it enables us to care and enrich our own personal strengths and to be on the side of compassion, selfcompassion and mindfulness.


Joerg Mangold; Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Mindfulness teacher, Ansbach, Germany.


My name is Michael Bartura, and I work in Melbourne as a Mindfulness-Based Life and Business Development coach.  Over the years, I worked both as a therapist and in senior management, and for the last few years integrated my experience first into consulting and then into a coaching model I use successfully with individuals and groups.

A few years ago, while staying with a  friend in Sydney, she asked if I wanted to join her for a weekend retreat with Rick.  I was not looking for more training at the time, but I was familiar with a couple of his books and it seemed like a nice way to spend some 'time on the cushion', so I joined.

By the end of the first morning, I knew I had found gold.  Rick's extensive experience in juxtaposing rich knowledge in neuroscience, a long standing practice in psychology, a keen sense of observation, intelligent application and heartfelt connection is as unique as it is profound.  I had the fortune of studying and training with quite a variety of teachers from different traditions, and I rarely came across someone who combines this level of understanding, experience and integrity.  

The PNT model is simple and effective.  Our brain has evolved to observe, capture and store negative/threatening experiences faster and deeper than it is capable or wired to do so with the positive/nurturing ones.  Rick has managed to develop a simple and effective methodology to consciously prepare for and work around our neurological 'makeup' and develop a practice that enhances reinforcement of positive experiences as building blocks for our daily experience, thus rebalancing this negativity bias towards a more wholesome, exuberant and peaceful daily progression. 


These are not just good ideas - after four years of training and practice, I can attest to the usefulness and impact of the training: for myself, through ongoing daily affirmations of joy and gratefulness as real lived experience; for my clients, as a useful and handy tool in resourcing themselves wisely. I also integrated some of the work into daily practice with my kids, and have seen how their ability to handle their own issues has expanded.

In fact, for anyone who works with clients in self development, I cannot recommend the Professional Course enough.  The material is easy to assimilate into any model of work.  The teaching is both thorough and concise, and Rick makes sure you get all the materials you need to immediately implement this work into your practice. The days are packed with much interest, exchange, community and joy and by the end of the course you feel empowered to go out into the world and use it with ease.  

Michael Bartura  

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