How it works:                                                The science of positive brain change

We could try to summarise how positive neuroplasticity works but Rick has already done this for us!


Have a look at Rick's page where he provides visuals, videos and research articles on the topic.


You can find out how we can change our brains for the better, including:

  • the basics of how our brains work
  • the power of positive experiences and the impact of happiness on our well-being
  • information about self-directed neuroplasticity, and
  • the benefits of being mindful.

And there is so much more on Rick's own website:


About Us

This website is dedicated to the upcoming workshops with Rick Hanson in Ireland.

The workshops will be running from 6 - 11 June 2017 in Malahide, Co Dublin.


6-8 June 2017 Positive Neuroplasticity Training: Hardwiring Happiness into your life


6-11 June 2017 Professional Course: Practical applications for Hardwiring Happiness

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Carolin Grampp                     +353-87-684 5450                         


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